Monday, 10 September 2012

How you can help

Here are some suggestions of how you can get involved and help:


1. Use the chain letter concept. Send an e-mail with a link to the video to at least three friends or family members. It would be good if you could include people in other parts of the province. 

2. Ask your church group or service club if they would like to hear a presentation on CETA. Then contact us and we will find someone to show the video and/or speak to the issue.

3. Form a Citizens Against CETA group in your community

4. Approach your union or workplace with the video and information.

5. Contact us with any ideas that you have so that we can pass them on to others.


1. Read the lobby kit for suggestions

2. Consider making contact with your elected member
  • By asking for an interview to discuss CETA
  • By sending a letter or an e-mail with specific questions that you would like answered. 
3. Consider setting up a public forum in your constituency with a debate by politicians of the different parties.  

4. Contact municipal councillors and give them the information. Email Premier Dunderdale a letter with your concerns about CETA.

5. Let us know what works and doesn’t work.


1. Approach your local newspaper with the information and ask them to consider doing an article on CETA

2. See if you can get a discussion going on local radio talk shows


1. Write a song or a play or a poem about CETA

2. Make a cartoon or painting to visually represent CETA

3. Mow the words "NO TO CETA" in your front lawn

4. Do anything you can do to get the word out in a creative way!