Other Trade Deals

The Trans-pacific Partnership

Here's a link to a comic take on the TPP

The Failure of Trade Agreements and Investment Liberalization over the last 25 years

Ascent of Giants, the 60+ page 2015 study by Jordan Brennan, contrasts what we are told about the benefits of trade agreements and investment liberalization with the much more negative reality reflected in meaningful statistics.  He highlights the lackluster growth, under-investment and weak employment results of the post NAFTA period. Meanwhile mergers and acquisitions abound.  Click here and go to March 24th for excerpts (in point form) from Brennan’s study.

Five Major Trade Agreements to Know About

The federal government is engaged in five major “free trade agreements” that threaten the degree of control Canadians have over their land, resources, freedom and future. Click here and scroll to March 24th, 2015.