Investor-state (ISDS) Lawsuits

3 New NAFTA Lawsuits Gnaw away at our Democratic Rights
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 ISDS lawsuits:  Origins and Magnitude:
To learn how easy it is for corporations to sue governments, and how extensively and inappropriately they use these lawsuits worldwide click here.

Background Information on Investor-State Lawsuits: Why CETA will Lead to More Investor-State Litigation
Currently, Canada faces almost $6 billion in Investor-State lawsuits under NAFTA. Learn more about them and why we can expect increased lawsuits under CETA by clicking here.

Conflict of Interest and Corporate Bias in Offshore, Investor- State Tribunals

The original justification for introducing Investment-State offshore tribunals was to protect corporations from biased or corrupt courts in some countries. Click here to learn how the offshore tribunals have become biased and riddled with conflict of interest.

Forfeiting control and the right to litigate

Click here to find out how the  "Fair and Equitable Treatment" and "Most Favoured Nation" clauses will encourage a wide range of lawsuits.

The Abitibi Bowater and Exxon Mobil/Murphy Oil Lawsuits

80% of the damages paid by Canada in Investor-State disputes relate to Newfoundland and Labrador. Click here to learn the details.