Tuesday, 6 May 2014

10 Reasons why we should be concerned about 21st century trade agreements

Corporate Europe Observatory has just released a report outlining serious problems surrounding trade agreements that the media never talks about. Click here to read the details.
    1. ISDS is a tool for big business to make governments pay when they regulate

    2. The investor-state arbitration system is fundamentally flawed.

    3.  Corporate super-rights are an instrument to rein in democracy..

    4. The investor rights provide VIP treatment to companies.

    5. The Commission’s ‘reform’ agenda does not even touch upon these basic flaws of the system.

    6. The risks of being sued by big business are ever growing for governments.

    7. The investor privileges enable backdoor corporate attacks on court decisions.

    8. The investor rights do not bring the economic benefits claimed for them.

    9. The global tide is turning against excessive corporate rights.

    10. There are alternatives.